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July 4, 2009

So, the Tour de France got underway today.  I didn’t catch any of it.  I did manage to see some highlights at the official site.  If you click on the tiny Union Jack in the upper right corner it will get you to the English version of the site.  Oddly enough, the URLs for German and Spanish indicate “de” and “es” in them, respectively, but the English one indicates “us” rather than “uk” even though the flag you click on is clearly not a US flag.  Yes, I’m in a mood.

I enjoy watching bicycle racing on TV.  It’s one of the more relaxing sporting events you can watch without actually falling asleep (golf).  Beautiful scenery and people going fast under their own sheer athletic power.  I just can’t get excited about it though.  I can’t relate to these guys.  They spend their lives training; they get paid to do it.  They have bikes that cost 3 or 4 times what I make in a month (quite possibly as much as I make in a year).

The one aspect of it that I do really like is that it’s an event that people my age (35) can actually excel at.  In fact, looking around when I’m out riding, I get the impression I might be the youngest cyclist in the whole county, so I should rephrase that last sentence.  It’s an entire sport that people my age (and much older) can and do excel at.  So, what’s my point?  Sadly, I don’t have one.  I was just rambling about my love/hate relationship with the TdF.  Hey, it’s my first post.  Gimme a break.

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